What Type of Exercise Bike Repair Do You Need?

If you own an exercise bike, you may know that these bikes have a lot of working components. Any one of those components can fail, causing the system to stop working properly. At AlyCor Fitness Repair, we provide comprehensive exercise bike repair. That means we figure out why your bike is not working and make repairs to it. We service most makes and models, too. Give our team a call to learn about the services we offer.

  Common Exercise Bike Repair Needs

Sports equipment repair – for bikes and other home gym equipment – tends to include a lot of motor work. These systems can wear down over time, and a tune-up can help to get them working at their best. Sometimes, the screens or monitors on them start to fail – this is very common in older systems. You may also have mechanisms within the pedals wear down. Most of the time, we can repair all types of components, but we can also replace many as well.

  Complete Sports Equipment Repair

At AlyCor Fitness Repair, our team can help you with all aspects of sports equipment repair. This often includes removing non functioning components and replacing them. We may need to update the electronics on the system. If you have a touchscreen component, for example, this is a common area that needs to be repaired in most types of home gym equipment over time. We also can help with that bad drive motor, those worn out treads, and much more.

Many times, our clients have no idea why their gym equipment is not working – that’s okay, too! AlyCor Fitness Repair’s technicians can come to your home to provide a comprehensive review and diagnostic screening to determine what your system needs. It only takes a few minutes. Most repairs are quick, too. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you.

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